Equality of opportunities is our North Star

How can you use this data?

As a researcher, policymaker, philanthropist, journalist, or impact-oriented organization, you can use the data provided by the GEOM.

To track the evolution of (in)equality of opportunities in one or more countries

If equality of opportunities is an outcome you strive for, then you can use World View data to understand where a specific country stands and set a long-term goal to contribute to the reduction of that inequality.

To understand which subsets of the population have the least access to opportunities

In the Country Profile, you can understand which subsets of the population of a country have with least access to opportunities. With that information, you can target or provide additional support to this subgroup so they can thrive on opportunities to which they currently don’t have access.

To collaborate in further researching the topic of equality of opportunities

Research on equality of opportunities and the development of the GEOM are ongoing efforts. The more we know about inequality of opportunities, the more we are able to tackle it.

To invite others to start working for equality of opportunities

We don’t want this knowledge to stop here. We would like for it to travel across the world inviting policy makers, philanthropists, researchers and impact-oriented organizations to join us in the effort to promote equality of opportunities.

How to navigate in the GEOM

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